Help, or no help

when it comes down to it, when I help someone, It’s not because I think they need it, but it comes from the goodness of my heart and the fact of the matter is, is that helping people or, giving advice to people is something that I feel is a big calling in my life when someone needs help. It’s not because of the fact that people want advice for the taken, but it’s because someone really wants to seek out and ask for someone’s opinions on the subject of the matter at hand. When it comes right down to it, If someone gives advice to another person, it should be taken into a consideration that they are at least trying to help you and not thank them for the advice and or, help that they were given and then, half ass throw it back at their faces. In the case of me, that’s exactly what happened. I’m not going into details, but when I give relationship advice, it’s because I really want to help that person out and it goes without saying that when I help people out with them situations, it’s usually because I want to try to get them out of trouble and to prevent situations from happening again. the fact that I have given advice, and or tried to and the fact that people kind of half ass took it, thanked me for it, and didn’t do anything about it but was going to, just really makes me upset. I feel hurt, , and upset that I have to experience this feeling of giving out the help and me thinking that the advice was going to help, based on their reactions, but then such said person didn’t do shit about it. I’m sorry yall, , but when I give out advice or help to a person, it’s not a toy that you all should take jokingly and play around with. It hurts me to see this, it hurts me to see that some people don’t take the stuff that I have helped them out with into consideration and some, just throw it back and I watch it happen, right, in, front of me! It hurts me to see that the fact of me helping the same person is going to be next to none if this keeps up. It hurts to say that if people don’t take the things that either people help them out with seriously or advice that they were given, I’m just done. Don’t, ever, treat advice, or help from someone like a toy. At least take the help or advice into consideration and then, either you thank them when you do take the advice, or don’t take it. either way, it just fucking hurts me. and the fact that this just happened to me, really just makes me think. Is my help worth giving? is my advice not good enough for people anymore? Is my stuff that I do for people really a toy that people just love to play around with? the answer should be, no, but sadly, , some people love treating it that way and it just makes me sad. I can’t help but just think about all of this and to experience, what I’ve been through. Oh well, I’m sure that people are going to come, asking for help again, but the truth of the matter is, is that it may or may not happen. I don’t take this kind of stuff playfully, I take it to heart and if you don’t like the advice or help that I try giving out to you, then, respect and move on to someone else. I try helping, I really do, but oh well, what can you do. It’s out now, and it’s been a toy and thrown back at me like a football that’s been thrown around in the field. I’m sure am glad that someone understands me and what I’m going through and that is there for me no matter what happens. I’m out. Yall have a good day and before anyone bashes me for this post, just note, that this needed to be put somewhere out here and this is the only place that I thought to do it.






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