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  • New stuff in the works.

    Hello there, I think it’s time for a little bit of updates from this thing. As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been playing with a new band a couple months now and we’re starting to take off and get more busy every week. As I’ve been working on my music career, […]

  • What should be in a mastering chain, how is it setup and what’s the difference between a track that is mastered, verses an unmastered track?

    When people listen to songs on the radio, they automatically think that this is how it sounds when it’s all finished. But what is a finished track? How does it sound good as an industry standard mastered mix? What’s the difference between a mix that is not mastered verses a fully mastered track altogether? This […]

  • Audio mastering, an introduction and how I got started

    Hello, this will be a series of blog posts having to do with audio engineering with regards to mastering, weather it be a single that you’re working on or a full album. these next few blog posts, along with some videos that will be added along with the blog posts that I do, will teach […]

  • Friendship

    When I try to reach out to you, lately, it seems that you push me away. Even though you may not mean to do such things. I miss talking to you on a day to day bassist and we don’t get to talk much anymore as it seems like for the past couple of weeks. […]

  • Help, or no help

    when it comes down to it, when I help someone, It’s not because I think they need it, but it comes from the goodness of my heart and the fact of the matter is, is that helping people or, giving advice to people is something that I feel is a big calling in my life […]

  • Up all night

    Today, as I sit in the studio, trying to come up with things to write about, I remember that I’ve been up sense like 12 in the morning. and why is that? Well, I couldn’t sleep. Just because I can’t. Well, guess my sleeping schedule is screwed up again now isn’t it… It’s okay. I’ll […]

  • Just another day in the life of me!

    Usually, when I feel like writing about stuff, usually it has to do with music and this, is what this blog post is all about. Yes! 4 gigs this weekend? Fucking yes! Love being a musician. but the fact of the matter is that being a musician is such hard work, but just remember , […]

  • Been a wile all

    Figured I’d make this quick post to say hi and to tell you that I finally got this thing back up again after some time with configuring our new servers that I have switched to. I’ll tell you all for right now that things are going well and that music is going well as well. […]