What should be in a mastering chain, how is it setup and what’s the difference between a track that is mastered, verses an unmastered track?

When people listen to songs on the radio, they automatically think that this is how it sounds when it’s all finished. But what is a finished track? How does it sound good as an industry standard mastered mix? What’s the difference between a mix that is not mastered verses a fully mastered track altogether? This next part in my mastering engineering series, I’ll be showing you what chains most mastering engineers used, how they are setup and some of the plugins that I use to get the sound as an industry standard mastered track. As previously stated in my previous blog post, it’s not all about loudness, but EQ and leveling out frequencies to get them leveled out through out the entire track as well as having loudness being consistent as a constant level. The video below will go through all of this and I also talk about the order of the chain as well. This is important it you want your mastering engineering to sound industry standard. So? What are you waiting for, let’s dive in and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my contact page, through email, twitter or any other method I have on that contact page. As always, thank you all for the support and letting me help you all who are interested in this kind of stuff.

Mastering chain and the difference between mastered and unmastered

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