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Hello there, I think it’s time for a little bit of updates from this thing. As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been playing with a new band a couple months now and we’re starting to take off and get more busy every week. As I’ve been working on my music career, when they asked me to join and play bass for them, I was like, hell yes, I’d love to join in. Ever sense that point, I’ve realized that I was at a point in my life where I really don’t wanna be at a point to where I would have sporadic gigs all the time, When I joined, I new that I have to drop a couple of projects that I was involved in as I was playing steel for a lot of people, not that I didn’t love doing that, I actually love steel and wouldn’t give it up, in fact, if I could switch from bass to steel, I’d do that in a heartbeat in this band I’m in but, they already have a dedicated steel player but didn’t have a dedicated bassist that could commit full time. That’s where I came in and I’m happy I did because I’ve been crazy busy and I’d much have consistent gigs where I’m playing two or three times a week, rather than sitting around, waiting for shit to come to me. During that time, I was also involved with another project where yes, we would have shows and they would pay well, but didn’t have as much gigs as I’d want and that is not as reliable as I’d want them to be. Introducing what happened a few days ago. This project was a tribute project, of which, I loved so much but when I joined this other band, they weren’t as busy as I’d like them to be so took off with this other band of which I’m playing bass for. Now their booking agent is starting to book more and more things with this tribute band but still not enough shows to keep me busy. Ever sense that point I’ve started to be not as consistent with my tribute band of which I had so much fun, playing with and just hanging around them so much. They kept asking me for dates, and I’d have to look at my other band’s schedule to see and of coarse, I was always booked. I’d either have to tell my tribute band, yes, or no, or even I’ll find out and let you know, to which I’d have to talk with my other band and either have to get a sub for me or just do the gigs. It was then that I began to realize that I’d have to make a decision of which way I wanted to go with my life. The band I’m playing bass for right now, is wanting someone consistent and so is my tribute band because they are getting more shit booked… Now! Now, let’s say if my band I’m apart of, asked me to play bass and I was involved with my tribute band and I was keeping myself busy every week, then I’d decline and let them know right off the bat, hey, I can’t I have other stuff going on that’s keeping me busy, but sense I really didn’t at that point in time, when they asked me, and my tribute band was booking shows vary sporadically, I took the job and I told them, (my band that I’m playing bass for) that they were and still is my first priority. When I joined, I figured that I could still play with my tribute band for a bit as they were vary sporadic in booking shows. fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my tribute band did a 5 day tour up in Texas and that’s when everything changed. When I got back into town, I knew that either one of two things were going to happen. My tribute band would get booked more and I’d either have to part ways with my other band, or my tribute band would have to find someone more consistent than me as my other band is booked every weekend of 2022. Plus tours. I’ve decided on the latter as if I parted ways with my other band, I’d be in the same situation that I was in before when I joined. So now what am I doing? I’m playing bass in a band of which is getting booked constantly and we got some really cool things coming up. I’m still going to finish these shows off of which I have booked with my tribute band of which I’m playing steel for but after that point, they have hired another steel player to take my spot. Did I want this to happen, no, but I had to do what’s right for me. Was I upset, sure I was, but I’d rather be busy than sit around and do nothing until I got a show booked and what not. Before anyone asks because I know people will, Am I still gunna do steel work? Sure, if I can and if I’m not booked, I’ll fill in for people here and there. My band will be starting off some projects of which I’ll be doing some steel work especially on tour. I even offered my tribute band if their steel player can’t make it to a show for whatever reason, I’ll be happy to sub and fill in. So no, I’m not giving up steel at all completely, It’s just a different direction in my life of which I chose to take because it’s keeping me busy. More so than my other projects and more busy than I’ve ever been in a long time! So this is where I’m at right now as far as music goes. We’re still doing local stuff around here but I’ve also been to new places and seen new things. Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for the support during this time and there’s more shit coming so stay tuned!

My band that I’m in will be in Mexico this weekend doing a few shows up there so check out our schedule at or and look us up! I do also have my schedule on my site for shows that I have booked with my tribute band if you wanna check them out as well.

Keep on rocking and we’ll see yall on the flip side.






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